Selbst-Wert (Feeling of Worthiness)

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Selbst-Wert (Feeling of Worthiness)

Beitragvon katgirl » 30. Jan 2015, 22:28

That’s what the feeling of worthiness is: It’s putting yourself in a position, it’s readying the Grid, so that what’s in your Vortex can flow in. And as it flows in, and it occurs to you, and you perceive it, and you translate it, and you experience it — that’s where your feeling of worthiness is. You have to prove it to yourself because nobody else can give it to you and nobody else can prevent you from it.

That’s the mark and process of True Mastery: where you are able to feel for Alignment, and find it, and know when you’re on it and know when you’re not, and maintain your balance no matter what, maintain your balance deliberately. That’s what True Mastery is. That’s what the Art of Allowing is. The Art of Allowing me to be in Alignment with All-That-I-Am regardless of what anyone is wanting to present to me. And in that understanding is the True Freedom that everyone is looking for… because it’s freedom from resistance that you seek. And, if you don’t understand that, then you gotta prevent that person, and you gotta prevent that person, and you need a restraining order against that one and that one… In other words, then you’re trying to take action to try to make your world as wonderful as you want it to be. 

But once you have mastered this understanding that you can control the way that you feel because you have the power to focus, and then you practice yourself into steady, chronic Alignment, and then the Universe shows you that only what is wanted is flowing to you…and, if something is a bit off, you don’t freak out about it, you just take it as another step one moment — and you maintain your balance regardless of it. That’s what Unconditional Love is: Alignment regardless of the condition.

You have to start with a decision that you want to feel good. If that’s the premise — if you’ve started with that decision that you want to feel good — then what that means is, what you’re say is: I want to feel good, and I understand that I can’t feel good unless I am really blended with All-That-I-Am. Which causes you to then understand that if you hadn’t expanded to more than you can maybe normally maintain then there would not be any new reach. And so now you are making peace with the fact that you are always Vibrationally reaching beyond your patterns or habits that you’ve been practicing. So, it’s always accurate to say: I have beliefs that are not up-to-speed with the whole of Who-I-Am. And I mean to figure out which of those beliefs aren’t up to speed with Who-I-Am, so that I can be up-to-speed with Who-I-Am. However, the beliefs that I hold that are not up-to-speed with Who-I-Am are responsible for my further expansion. So, I’m embracing all of these beliefs, positive ones and negative ones, because expansion matters so much to me. If I didn’t have the ability to know what I don’t what, I wouldn’t have the ability to know what I do want. So, I’m not looking for perfection here, I’m just looking for steady things to help me to continue to expand, and constant awareness and desire to feel good which keeps me moving in the direction of the expansion that I’ve made. And it is my powerful intent to live happily-ever-after in that way. And if somebody else has the benefit of being up close to me and figuring it out, based upon the powerful example that I am offering, then I am really fulfilling my purpose for being. But I was not born to be an example for them. I was born to be the joyful creator that I am.It gets off [track] pretty easily in the moment that you are trying to mentor someone that you really care about. And it gets back on track really fast when you realize that they can’t miss anyway. Nobody’s gonna miss this. Everybody’s having expansion. Everybody’s putting stuff into their Vortex. Everybody’s eventually gonna come into Alignment with it, you see? This is a Universe of Attraction, and there is no exclusion. There’s no pushing anything away. 

What you give your attention to – you’re calling to you. Attention to it is the invitation of it. That’s why we say — and really mean it — you can’t get to the bottom of something. You can’t get to the bottom of what’s bothering you. Because your attention upon what’s bothering you, just causes that to have a deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper… there is no bottom.As you don’t make a big hairy deal out of the things that are bothering you, and you do add emphasis to the things that are going well, as you let your work, your process, be more about making lists of positive aspects… We would move from meditation — which is the most general thing that you can do with your mind — to making lists of positive aspects — which is the most specific thing you can do about the things that are important to you. And we would move back and forth between those processes and, in doing so, we would tune ourselves to the frequency of what’s in our Vortex. And then, we would just let the chips fall where they may. We would not try to control Law of Attraction. We would not try to control other people. We would make a decision that we have a singular intent, and that is to be aware of and, therefore, control the Vibrational output.We want to help you feel as we feel about the deliciousness of molding the Energy. We want you to experience the subtlety and, therefore, the precision and, therefore, the specifics and, therefore, the deliciousness… It’s like being an Energy Connoisseur… In other words, your tastes become refined in all things. Your tastes of Energy become refined. You get better and better at it, and you begin to enjoy the subtleties of it more. And then, you begin to feel this worthiness as you finally acknowledge that the Universe will match you — Vibration to Vibration.You can become this creative genius on subject after subject. You are the creator of your experience, but we are in on it with you. And when you explore or expand beyond your current belief or ability to allow your expansion, we still take it, and know it, and hold you as our object of attention, knowing that you will find it.But, more importantly, not knowing that you will find it so that you will have the manifestation that will please you, but knowing that in the reaching for the finding of it you will have the joy that we have found even before the manifestation of it.“

Abraham Hicks, 26/8 2012

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Re: Selbst-Wert (Feeling of Worthiness)

Beitragvon lawofattraction » 31. Jan 2015, 10:24

Ich kann leider keinen Einbettungscode kopieren. Dies ist die Unterhaltung, aus der der obige Ausschnitt stammt:

*Resistance means feeling Singular instead of Plural* Abraham

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