Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

Re: Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

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49. Clutter

Abraham: "...Clutter is about indecision - indecision is the best description of clutter because it's putting an engine here, putting an engine there, putting an engine here, putting an engine there - what I want, what I believe, what I want, what I believe - and it puts you in a sort of tug of war. And the thing that we want you to hear is that while you think that you're decisive about what you plan to do, energetically you're not as decisive as your words imply. That's all.

When you say I've decided, the vibration of your being lets you know how decided you really are, because if you were really decided you'd only be feeling elation about that and absolute readiness. And as long as you're feeling cluttered or something less than that elation, then that means you're not really energetically decided. That's really worth thinking about, isn't it?

When we ask are you knowing what you are wanting, people almost always say yes or they project that as a thought - “I know what I want” - but there are a whole lot of people who think that they are projecting a vibration about what they say they want when actually they are projecting a vibration about where they are. That's why we're wanting to help you to withdraw a little bit from language and patterns of thought and push that restart button, and let the new thoughts flow in with a little bit more consistency.
With a lot of people - almost everyone, in fact - if we were to say tell us what you want, mixed in even with the most practiced among them would be (while their words might not say it) some vibration about what they don't want. There is almost always ‘I want that because I don't want this’ that's in there somewhere. ..."

Abraham Hicks, Caribbean Cruise March 2017
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50. Expectation

Hotseater: "...My heart is pounding.

Abraham: That’s good. (Fun)

Hotseater: So, I’m getting really good at basking, appreciating and expecting because I know that expectation summons.

Abraham: Isn’t expecting a good word? Expectation, expecting, wanting and believing – expectation is a perfect stance.

Hotseater: Yes. And so I’ve got some like-minded people in my life, and I…

Abraham: Is it possible to expect something you don’t want? Not wanting and believing? That’s expecting too, isn’t it? (We just had to throw that in a little.)

Hotseater: Yeah. Um, so I got excited - I started to expect a Lexus GS hybrid car. And I went and I gave the guy 500 bucks as a down payment and started looking. And I was so excited - I was expecting it to come to me. I expected the Universe to conspire and that it was going to come. I shared that with a friend, and she said “Tara, you need to wait until the checks come in,” because I’m on a path of financial freedom. “You need to wait until those checks come in, no, no.” So she instilled this doubt, and I listened to her, and I stopped expecting.

Abraham: Well, we want to say to you that we can see how influence from others can influence your expectation, but when you said she instilled within you a doubt, that sounds like assertion, and there isn’t any of that. And if you make it feel to yourself like someone else has such powerful influence that you are powerless against their influence, that’s really the bigger issue here, isn’t it?

Hotseater: Well, I started to say I’m not going to listen to her. I’m not going to listen to her. Then I was…

Abraham: But those are just words. “I’m not going to focus upon this thing I’m focused upon.”

Hotseater: Right.

Abraham: “Go away from me this thing I do not want.”

Hotseater: Right.

Abraham: Now let’s go back to the word expectation for just a little bit, because we wanted to say to you that if your vibration was in the place of the power of the way you spoke the word expectation, no one could have knocked you off of that. And that’s really what you want.

We think your friend is a wonderful helper in helping you to realize you want to be in a place of expectation, and you just weren’t really there because if you’d been really there, and she had said anything to you that countered it, her words would have sounded to you like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you would have just smiled and said “I just love how you care about me. And thank you for this information.” And you would have just gone on your merry way knowing what you know.

But (now here’s the most important thing) you could not, from a place of that kind of expectation, attract into your experience someone who’s delivering to you information that is so counter to what you want. You brought her into your experience. Law of Attraction said you feel just like she feels and that’s why she was able to deliver those words to you in such a powerful blow.

Hotseater: Well, I told her to shut up, and I didn’t want to hear…

Abraham: Now, think about what you’re saying. And this is a good thing, and we don’t blame you for wanting her to go away and shut up. But here’s the thing that we really want you to hear - you’re really going to like this, and you’ve brought us to a place where we’re going to go into a new place: The battle that’s going on here is not the battle between you and having something you want, it’s not the battle between you and a pessimistic friend that doesn’t believe in what you believe in - that’s not the battle that’s happening here. The battle is between you and You, the battle is between what’s over there in your Vibrational Escrow that you want, and where you are about it.

All your friend did was enhance what was already present in your vibration, because Law of Attraction will not allow a friend to enhance something that’s not present in your vibration. You can’t get stuff that’s not present in your vibration. When you really expect, the people that will be rendezvousing with you will be saying “I can see that. That’s just exactly who you seem like to me. I can feel that exactly.” When someone’s coming to you that tells you something that you don’t want to hear, you’ve been beating that drum long enough that Law of Attraction has made them come to match you. (Isn’t that good to know?)"

Abraham, Los Angeles on February 3, 2008
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51. Addiction ~ Causes, Types, and Overcoming

"Hello. So the question I've had all morning piggybacks exactly off the conversation we just had. I'm sort of Victor, in a way, and what I want-"

Everybody is sort of Victor, in a way.

"[laughter]" [laughter and applause]

"So, I wanna touch on addiction. And a friend told me one time that I'm the greatest manifester of everything that I've ever not wanted that he's ever met."

Which means you're a strong focuser.

"So, I've struggled, for years, with drugs and alcohol, and it has destroyed my life in so many ways."

We are going to hear you out, but we want to tell you something important. We'd like it to settle into you first. And this is the easiest way to have this conversation, since we've been having this conversation about receptive mode or receptive mode.

When, for whatever reason, you're in a receptive mode more talking about what you don't want and things not going well, and so things are playing out from that emotional state of not feeling good, or of depression, or of anger, or whatever, then it's logical that these thoughts would turn to things that are unpleasant. And when you are as you are - someone who loves this feeling of alignment - then this feeling of not-alignment is unbearable.

And, when you don't know about law of attraction, and you don't know about energy, and you don't know about vibration, and you don't know about focus, and you don't know about your inner being, and you don't know about your emotional guidance system, then taking that action seems like the only remedy to give you relief from this.

And so, it is the most logical thing in the whole world. And what it says more than anything else: You wanna feel good and you want the relief. And those drugs, and that alcohol, helped you to resign a little bit. It helped you to let go a little bit.

It's certainly not a good path. The illegality of it makes it a terrible path. All the complications of it make it a terrible path.

And even the experience of it makes it not a good path because, even though you feel relief, you're not feeling relief because you improved your vibration. You're feeling relief because you lowered your capacity to focus.

There is a little slowing of momentum down when you drink enough or drug enough that you can't focus in the same way that you were. You're less hard on yourself when you're drunk. You're less hard on yourself when you're doing drugs.

In other words, your focus changed. But you don't have any rational understanding of what happened so things don't get better.

But it's time for you to stop beating up on yourself for that because, from our point of view, it was logical given what you knew then.

But now you know something different. Now you know that there is another way to feeling good, you see.

So, the drug thing, there are two things about it that are important to have a conversation about. One is the vibrational impact of it, or the vibrational reason for it. The other is the cellular response to the drugs.

Your body gets used to whatever it is that it's been ingesting or experiencing. And, at first, it's something that your body really doesn't want, but your body has this incredible ability to adjust to whatever is going on. And in it's very adept ability to adjust to whatever it is you are ingesting, that translates to you as more of a craving.

So there's two things going on. If there's something that you've been experiencing - even if it's something like coca cola, or diet coke, or diet pepsi, or anything that you've decided that you don't want to experience anymore because maybe you're having some physical results that don't seem quite right to you - it takes at least 3 days for your body to stop calling for it if you've been giving it to it on a regular basis.

So there is the cellular calling, which is the cellular addiction, and then there is the wanting to feel better, which is the vibrational addiction. And you have to get to that place of understanding that you can feel better without it. And it takes a little while.


"Yes. So what's the best way to curb the craving to get past the mark to where you start the momentum in another direction?"

Well, it takes more than 3 days to master alignment. And that's what's tricky, because you could go 3 days without the substance and the cellular calling would subside, but the emotional calling might not be subsiding because you might still be focused upon the trouble that has you down here to begin with, to which the drug seems like the solution. Is this making sense to you? [murmurs from the audience]

So you just gotta figure it out best for yourself.

It's like deciding that you're gonna feel good, and you don't, and that's the day you decide you're gonna stop smoking. How's that working out for ya?

"[laughter]" [laughter]

Is that making ya more cheerful?

"[laughter]" [laughter]

Is that making ya nicer to be with? It doesn't, does it?

In other words, so they're kind of working against each other, aren't they? Because you're giving up what you found was somewhat of a solution, but you haven't found your other solution yet. So we would encourage - don't tell anybody we said it… Doing some of both for a while.

Find your relief and find your relief. And find your relief and find your relief. Until this relief is sticking enough that you can let go of finding the relief through the drug.

"And meditation will help with it as well?"

Meditation helps with everything. Because it stops the momentum of anything that you've got going on. When you stop thought. And when you stop thought you stop the momentum. You stop the resistance.

Something else really worth saying here, and that is that the most important thing that we want to convey to you: We want you to stop, if you can - and it's not easy - beating up on yourself.

Much of the world, they're not looking for solution through alignment. They're looking for solution from demands.

It's like our new friend, Victor.

"[laughter]" [laughter]

And he is. Demanding an apology. Demanding it.

Well, you're not gonna get anything- You cannot embarrass yourself into recovery. You cannot hate yourself into it. Or anybody else.

Feeling good only comes from love. You gotta find some way of giving yourself a break.

Say things like, 'I've been doing the best that I could figure out how to do. And it's getting better all the time. And I'm understanding things that I didn't understand before. And I've got a handle on this. And it's getting easier and easier.'

As those before us wisely said: Just take one day at a time.

Just take one day at a time. But, in that day that you're taking at a time, let it be a day that you are loving yourself more than you did yesterday. And loving others a little more than you did yesterday. Looking for more reasons for alignment.

Because the relief you're seeking is only possible through alignment.

The freedom that you're seeking- The freedom from the bondage of the addiction is only possible through alignment, you see.

So, there are a lot of those who just go cold turkey, and we respect their strength and stamina. We think it is a wonderful thing to be able to walk away and stay away. And you notice how, once they have figured that out, they don't wanna go back? You can offer them a drink and they say 'Oh no.' Because they have come to understand the momentum that they've accomplished, and they don't wanna break that momentum by falling off the wagon even for today. They don't wanna break that momentum.

And that's what we would wish for all of you. That you would get into alignment and not wanna break the momentum of that alignment by having this negative conversation about something that doesn't mean anything. Or by watching them argue under the pretense of having a political discussion. [soft laughter]

Don't go off the wagon. Get up there and care about how you feel. Let that matter most.

You can do it. Sooner or later. And nobody's taking score but you. So be easy about it.


"Yes." [applause]

This is a really good time for segment of refreshment.

*Resistance means feeling Singular instead of Plural* Abraham

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52. Beat the Drum

"The good news is, with all of the beating of the drum of global warming, and all of the awareness of the situation (and it’s not as great as people might think, but there are a lot of people talking about it), the all of those rockets of desires that are emanating from mass consciousness in human form on the planet, all of those who want longevity of the planet, and who want a place for their children, and their children, to live, as you are launching those rockets of desires, you are certainly amassing this improved life experience on planet Earth which, for most of you, will not be realized until those of you who are concerned croak. We’re not saying that your concern is keeping it from happening, we’re saying your concern will keep you from getting to experience the benefit of it.

We are not wanting to burst anybody’s bubble. If you have found something that you want to beat the drum of, and it makes you feel more alive, we certainly would not want to distract you from the contrast that causes you to shore up your intentions about your desire for a good life on this planet. In fact, all of this contrast is about that. We’re just saying to you that you cannot live the joyful life that you came here to live when you are looking at some aspect of something that causes you concern, and you’re continuing to hold yourself in that mode. We will never agree that a negative thrust is good for you in the short run or the long run, ever. You can’t possibly control all of the people and get them to do the things they need to do in order to stop this global warming, so now all that’s happened is that you’ve been informed about something awful, you feel powerless to do anything about it, and now you’re depriving yourself of wellbeing as you’re using that as another excuse to not allow the wellbeing to flow to you. So you don’t allow the wellbeing to flow to you, and you pronounce on your deathbed, “See, I told you things were going bad.”

So the premise that we would use if we were standing in your physical shoes, no matter what the concern is, whether it’s financial where I feel there’s something I can do about it, or global which feels so out of control that I don’t know that there’s that much that I can personally do about it, if you’ll step back into a more general statement, and reach for whatever general thought that makes you feel better, you’ll come into alignment. And this is the way are soothing our physical friends who are in angst over the planet. You’re not controlling your planet from your physical standpoint. It is being managed from a broader view. This Earth spins in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets. You’ve got to understand that there’s a bigger plan behind it than Congress. The wellbeing is huge in comparison.

We’re saying to all of you, it’s not your environmental irresponsibility that’s killing you off in great numbers, it’s your vibrational irresponsibility. So, what’s happening here with this global warming thing, is that so many of you are using your desire to be responsible environmentally, and you feel utterly out of control. And now you’re not being vibrationally responsible to yourself, and you’re using it as your reason to pull yourself apart. You are not better off beating the drum of global warming – you’re better off beating it a little which makes you know that you want to appreciate your planet, and you want to do your part to care for it. You want to be considerate of other people around you. We’re not for a moment suggesting that you should just go crazy, we’re saying find personal alignment. And when you as an individual find personal alignment, you’ll be inspired to the ideas that will allow the expansion.

You will never be in a place, as people on this planet, that the current condition does not inspire you to something more, and that this environment does not then yield to you something more. You’re constantly going to be morphing in ideas, in ways of living, and it is our promise to you that life will, as it always has, continue to improve, because there is no going back. That is the duality that most people don’t want to talk about. It’s that idea of good versus evil, and we don’t want to talk about that sort of duality, either. We want you to understand that things are good and getting better, and that is the eternal experience of this eternal, evolving Universe. So when someone looks at a pocket of anything, and uses it as evidence that denotes otherwise, we say you’re out of synch with the entire expanding Universe which must say expansion is inevitable, and expansion must always be good. Why? Because the contrast caused you to ask for the improvement, and Source went to the improvement. It’s only those who beat the drum that hold themselves apart from the improvement who are giving those doomsday scenarios. You cannot be tuned in, tapped in, turned on to the knowing that is you, you can’t be that one energy that is in alignment with Source and worry about global warming. The two do not go together. You cannot be in alignment with the Eternal Being, you cannot see this world through the eyes of Source, and worry about global warming at the same time, because they don’t match up." Abraham Hicks , San Francisco 7/27/07
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53. Why does it seem that sometimes it's easier to manifest contrast?

Hotseater: " ... Why does it seem that sometimes it's easier to manifest contrast? (Fun)

Abraham: Because sometimes the contrast has more momentum and the cooperative Law of Attraction is bringing more to you, because you get what you think about whether you want it or not, and because you are oriented toward being a problem solver. There's a slight difference between solution seeker and problem solver, and in human-dom there's quite a lot of gratification (sort of, kind of) in sacrifice and solving problems and getting a job done. That's a habit that sort of comes from playing to the human crowd, where you're trying to justify your existence just a little bit.

So it is simply a matter of more vibration about the problem than about the solution, and so the problem just gives you more clarity. But it's not such a bad thing, because a really good question brings a really satisfying answer. And a problem that has been really clearly identified brings a wonderful solution. So it's all part of the process of expansion. If you could, just give up that feeling that there's something wrong with there being a problem, that there's something wrong with contrast, because there isn't - it's all part of eternity, it's all part of the infinite evolution.

Hotseater: Yeah. There seems to be things that I would like to change in my life. I'm like yeah, hmmm, that would be good work, to allow a different outcome to that.

Abraham: Well, calling it 'this thing I want to change' may have a pretty clear dissatisfaction factor to it, so if you could get on the 'what would be satisfying about the change' side of it, then it would flip for you.

Hotseater: It's like your earlier analogy, driving down the road and you hit a tree at 5mph and you hit one at 100 - I just snatch the wheel at 100mph, and bang, there's contrast everywhere.

Abraham: Well, that's because you're not catching it at the early, subtle stages. And that's alright.

Hotseater: I think it had too much momentum; I think there was no way to catch it, it was already out there.

Abraham: That's exactly right. And so what are you going to do? The only thing you can do is stop beating up on yourself about it - "Ah, missed that, but now that I've had this experience, I'm a little stronger in my determination to catch it earlier next time." And the thing is, you get to start over at least once a day.

But you can start over many times every day on a satisfaction factor. And if there's something that you really hit a tree hard about and you're kind of broken up over it, it's always helpful to look for the satisfaction factor in places that it is easier to find rather than following your pattern of getting hold of that problem and wrestling it to the ground and killing it.

Hotseater: Yes. Well, there's definitely a lot of allowing, but I'm just wondering, you know, maybe once $5 million can kind of fall out of the Vortex (Fun) and we could deal with that instead of the contrast, because it's all up in there. And you know, it's like "Well, you're not ready for $5 million." "Well, let's try, I can manifest it again. Let's keep doing that."

Abraham: You're making it sound like someone else is the deciding factor, and it's only you. You're not taking any responsibility for your vibrational stance - you're making it sound like somebody else is withholding the $5 million and giving the problem, and that's not how it is.

Hotseater: Well, I'm the one driving the car that crashed, and I'm the one who allows it to fall out of the Vortex, and I'm ready to allow that.

Abraham: You sounded a little mean toward whoever was withholding it (Fun), and we think the one you're mean toward is you.

Hotseater: OK. Alright.

Abraham: You have to give yourself a break. These Laws haven't been that clear to you (or almost anybody else), and you haven't really known about the Receptive Mode or which receiving mode you're in, or what influence you're under - you've been responding to life just like just about everybody else. But in the process, you have built one enormous vibrational nest egg that you can start cashing in now that you understand satisfaction/dissatisfaction: You just have to catch it early instead of waiting until you hit the tree. And there's nothing like hitting a tree to get you to pay more attention. But...

Hotseater: It's a beautiful thing; it's all right there in front of you, and then you can let the resistance to each one of those things go. It's like well, I was fighting that - done with that. There's no more resistance there. You know, I didn't like that, why don't we try this now, that's a little bit of an easier way.

Abraham: Just take it soft and easy, because the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about. (Fun) Easier, easier. Enough?

Hotseater: That's perfect.

Abraham: Really good.

Hotseater: Thank you. ..."

AbrahamHicks, Long Beach, CA on July 28, 2018

Be Easy About It:
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54. The Stick

Hotseater: "... So, what I saw in that, it was like a personal transformation. So you desire something, but you said it's about who I become as a result of it - I can't desire that thing without relativity.

Abraham: So, we keep coming back to money because it's the dominant vibration in the room in terms of requesting. So let's say that life reminds you of that every day - you go the mailbox, you see something that you want, you see others who are living some of it - so you're stimulated to that desire a lot every single day, and so you've built this massive Vibrational Reality, you have become this truly abundant, prosperous being. So, when you act like you aren't, it feels unpleasant; when you feel jealous about something that somebody has, then you're focused in opposition to that. But when you are feeling appreciation about the delicious meal that you're eating, you're not in opposition to it.

Here's a good way of looking at this - we think this is a powerful way to bring everything that we've talked about into very clear perspective: Picture a stick, and let's call it the money stick for now, and on one end of it is all the money that you've been accumulating, which is an enormous amount, and on the other end of it is the absence of that. And when you activate the stick called abundance or prosperity or money - usually that's the stick that you pick up - so here's this stick and your Inner Being is always vibrating on the abundant end because you've asked for it and your Inner Being is there and your Inner Being understands, and you're wherever you are on the stick. And so just for example, let's say you're commonly on the other end of the stick.

Now, put this stick down in this pile of sticks. And these sticks are a lot of different subjects - it's the relationship stick, and it's the how I am in the workplace environment stick, and the how I am at parenting stick, and the I have parents stick - in other words, there's just this bundle of sticks that's just enormous because all of the subjects of your life are so varied, so many. So let's say that right now you're focused on the relationship stick, and let's say that you are, in the moment, in absolute bliss and ecstasy with your significant other, and so that end of that stick is what's lighted. Now you have access to all the other ends of all the sticks because you're in the vibrational frequency of this end of all of the sticks. And it doesn't matter what the subject is.

Or, in like manner, let's say that you have plenty of abundance, you're really thriving, but you have some issue going on with somebody, and so you've activated that end of the stick. Now you don't have access to the abundance end of the stick. And it doesn't mean that your money is going to evaporate right now, but it might as well because you're not feeling any of the benefit of it. Do you see what we're getting at? And so, when you let your approach to life be what am I doing vibrationally, and you think in terms of always being (or as much as you can) a vibrational match to this end of the stick, then what begins to happen is that all aspects of your life just begin to rise.

Most humans, because you're fixers and because you're actioners - you're actors and you're doers rather than aligners or feelers or aware of the vibrational nature of your being - most of you find something that you're working on and you're trying to fix, and use that as your vibrational set point, and then you hold yourself away from all of the other abundance. Where, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would do the opposite - we'd find one thing if there was only one thing to be happy about, and we would fixate on it until we'd raised the level of all other things.


Hotseater: Very helpful, yeah. Very helpful. ..."

Abraham Hicks, Chicago, IL on May 18, 2019
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Danke katgirl :ros:

Immer wieder gut, sich daran zu erinnern, sich auf die "positiven" Dinge zu konzentrieren. :gvibes:
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Meine Sticks sehen ja eher wie ein Mikado Spiel aus. :pfeif:
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Danke Kat,

das haben Abraham schon oft gesagt. Dies ist besonders anschaulich für mich und ich habe jetzt richtig Lust meine besten Stöcke aufzuschreiben und zu feiern :ros:
LG Mik
Wundervoll ! Der Weg zur Gesundheit ist mit guten Gefühlen gepflastert
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"Jerry and Esther were coming back from Phoenix a few weeks ago, so Esther was more aware of it than she had ever been before, more aware of how she is feeling and flowing.

Esther had used some frequent flyer certificates to upgrade them to first class seats. So they knew that they would be in seats 1A and 1B in the first class section.

When they arrived at the airport, the agent behind the counter said,

“There’s been some sort of an error made because there are no seats here for you. No seats were assigned to you.”

And Esther said,
“That can’t be, they’re written right here on my tickets.”

And he said,
“They might be written on your tickets, but they’re not in the record, and there are no seats for you in the first class section.”

He said,
“In fact, I’m not even sure I can get seats together in the coach section for you. I’m not certain I can get you on board,”

Well, the more he talked, the madder Esther got because this was really wrong.

She’d made these reservations months ago. And she’d made them at the Continental city ticket office.

There was no excuse for this error to have been made.
And yet there it was,
no seats for them.

And suddenly Esther was not more than twenty seconds into her negative rampage, when suddenly — (negative mental rampage, she’d not said much to him yet ) — when suddenly she realized her valve was closed.

In her own mind she is thinking,
“I’m letting this condition be my excuse for closing my valve—
my valve to Well-Being,
my valve to clarity,
my valve to health,
my valve to abundance,
my valve to all that I consider to be good—

and I’m shutting it down because of this condition.”

And so suddenly, nothing mattered to Esther other than getting her valve open.

She was breaking a vibrational habit. You see?

The valve was more important than the habit.

The habit would have ordinarily caused her to talk about it,

caused her to kind of give that guy a hard time,

would have caused her to sort of want him to tell somebody.
“Well, are you going to tell somebody about this?”

It would have made Esther want to write a letter to Continental Airlines telling them they should shape up.

The old vibrational habit would have had Esther discussing it with Jerry most of the way home.

And the old vibrational habit would have had Esther, next time she made a reservation with the Continental ticket office, she would have said,

“Do you know what you did to me last time? Make sure you don’t do that again.”

In other words, the old vibrational habit would have lasted a long, long time, and would have carried Esther into many more negative experiences.

But since she was aware of her valve, none of that mattered.
Getting the valve open was all that mattered.

So then this man said,
“I can’t do anything for you here, why don’t you go to the gate?
Maybe they can help you.”

So Jerry and Esther went upstairs to the gate, and the man there said the same thing the man downstairs had said,
“First class is full.”

He said,
“In fact, it’s overbooked. I don’t know how they did this.”

And Esther gave him the tickets, and said to him,
“Well, do what you can.”

And she stood over against the wall about twenty feet from his podium, and she leaned there with one intention on her mind:
she was going to keep her valve open anyway.

So she looked around for things that might help her.

She saw a little boy playing with a toy, he was adorable.

She saw lovers over in the corner, smooching teenagers, that was heartwarming.

She saw people getting off the airplane embracing other people.

She thought about her new house back in Texas, she thought about the wonderful people they had met there that weekend, and the wonderful gathering.

And for about twenty minutes, Esther managed to keep her valve open anyway.

And then the man called her to the podium and gave her the tickets,
and he had put them in the first class section.

They were back in seats 1A and 1B.
The impossible had happened.

Esther does not know how it happened.
All she knows is, she kept her valve open.

And even if it had not happened that day,
even if they had had to take a later flight,
or even if they’d had to fly in the coach section not sitting together,

the important thing is,

Esther did not let this negative condition be her excuse for closing her valve,

and carrying on a vibrational habit that would mess up another condition, and another, and another, and another.

In other words, right then and there, she broke the chain of pain.
And by doing that, she left that vibration."

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