Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

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49. Clutter

Abraham: "...Clutter is about indecision - indecision is the best description of clutter because it's putting an engine here, putting an engine there, putting an engine here, putting an engine there - what I want, what I believe, what I want, what I believe - and it puts you in a sort of tug of war. And the thing that we want you to hear is that while you think that you're decisive about what you plan to do, energetically you're not as decisive as your words imply. That's all.

When you say I've decided, the vibration of your being lets you know how decided you really are, because if you were really decided you'd only be feeling elation about that and absolute readiness. And as long as you're feeling cluttered or something less than that elation, then that means you're not really energetically decided. That's really worth thinking about, isn't it?

When we ask are you knowing what you are wanting, people almost always say yes or they project that as a thought - “I know what I want” - but there are a whole lot of people who think that they are projecting a vibration about what they say they want when actually they are projecting a vibration about where they are. That's why we're wanting to help you to withdraw a little bit from language and patterns of thought and push that restart button, and let the new thoughts flow in with a little bit more consistency.
With a lot of people - almost everyone, in fact - if we were to say tell us what you want, mixed in even with the most practiced among them would be (while their words might not say it) some vibration about what they don't want. There is almost always ‘I want that because I don't want this’ that's in there somewhere. ..."

Abraham Hicks, Caribbean Cruise March 2017
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