Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

Workshop-Auszüge in englischer Sprache

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25. The 5 Steps Condensed

Hotseater: "So I wanted to talk about the current, because it seemed like it tied into what you were just saying. And it's also in the January 30th calendar discussion that the current. And, for me, the thing that I tend to do is I tend to get involved in business and doing, and doing and thinking about things. And even as I was taking notes while listening to you I noticed how my mental processes tend to take me away from feeling the current."

Abraham: Give us more detail about what you mean by 'the current'.

Hotseater: "Well, once upon a time, months ago, when I was meditating, I could just feel afterwards, and the process of it toward the end of it, like my whole field was lit up. There was this lighting up of my auric field, and it just felt absolutely alive and wonderful."

Abraham: That's what it feels like when all the circuits are open.

Hotseater: "Yea."

Abraham: When the resistance is gone.

Hotseater: "Yes."

Abraham: Or less, and you're allowing more of the juice from who you really are, from your vortex, from who you really are, to flow. Yes.

Hotseater: "And there's a lot you say in today's discussion, January 30th, about the current being your connection with source. And if you just, if you will, master it."

Abraham: You know, it's interesting, because that current is always flowing to you. And you adapt to it. You adapt to the way you allow it.

Now, those were very specifically chosen words. You adapt to the way you allow it.

Here's another way of saying that: You adapt to your own resistance. You get used to the way that feels.

And it's interesting because, when you get used to the way that feels, then allowing a little more juice to flow is something that you can physically feel, and may be something that, initially, feels a little off to you, even. Because you're not really used to it.

We like to play with you about 'it's a terrible price you pay for this alignment.' All that bliss, and everything.

The way for you to really be aware of your connection, or your alignment to that current, is by doing your best to stay focused on whatever you believe caused it. And, in doing so, you allow it to become more. And as you allow it to become more, the momentum of that allowance, of that more and more allowed current, will carry you into realizations, and into experiences that then you can begin to make the association of.

We've been saying for a long while that there are two ways of knowing how you're doing in terms of that alignment or, as you say, that feeling of that current.

There are two ways to know what your alignment is. One is by the way you feel. And the other is by how things are turning out.

So now, in the spirit of what we're talking to you about - turning vibrations to thoughts, and thoughts to things - as things are turning out, if you can make the correlation 'Well how was I feeling before that happened?'

In other words, 'What feeling came before this thing?' Or, 'What feeling came before this things?'

So you begin to master your understanding of your state of allowing.

Esther was sitting at the beach a day or two ago. She was alone, sitting in her van, and she went specifically for what you're talking about. She went to feel that current. She went because she knows, first of all, that ocean is wide open out there. And as she faces out there, she knows that there's no resistance out there in those airways at all. And the people that she sees are frolicking in the surf. They're getting better on their surfboards. They're picnicking. She can hear the happiness in their voice as they're walking by. So she knows she's picked a sort of resistance-free zone.

So, she sat and focused. Did a short meditation. Cooked breakfast in her van. Basked in the fun of that. And then she sat. She opened enough windows just for the perfect breeze. She created what she believed was the perfect environment for alignment with wellbeing. And then she sat there, in perfect alignment with wellbeing, and thought, 'I don't really feel the juice…'

She's so used to it. She's so used to alignment that it's just the normal way she feels. It's just the normal way she feels.

She remembers the first day or two, or three or four, or year, of standing at the podium and waiting for Abraham to come in. It felt like she had her toe in a light socket, at first. Because the vibrational attitude of her being and the vibrational attitude of our being took a little while for her to adjust into that vibrational frequency, you see.

And so, one day we're talking with a woman in a setting like this, and we were wanting to help her get her juices flowing a little bit. She was bored with life. And disappointed with all things. And she wasn't having any of us, either. [scattered laughter]

And so, we were wanting to suggest things to her that might get her juices flowing just a little bit. So we suggested something, and she says, 'Oh, I've already got that.' And we suggested something else, and she says, 'Oh, I've already got that.' And it became evident that what she meant by desire, the feeling of desire, the feeling of really getting those juices flowing, was that angst or contrast between not having it and wanting it.

And there are a lot of people that that's the current that they're looking for. They're looking for that sort of edge. And there is something delicious about that edge.

Don't you love to sit down to a wonderful meal when you're really hungry? And if you just ate 5 minutes ago, don't you feel different about the wonderful meal that is before you?

If there's some hunger, or if there's some asking, then the receiving is so much more delicious. And so, that's what we are encouraging you. Because we can feel that you know how to get into alignment. You know how to meditate. You know how to raise your frequencies. You do it all the time. You know how to feel good.

We want you to realize that being tuned in, tapped in, turned on sometimes feels like ecstasy. Sometimes it feels like love. Sometimes it feels like appreciation. Sometimes it feels like passion. Sometimes it feels like true interest in something. Sometimes it's a feeling of utter fascination. Sometimes it's a feeling of utter wellbeing. Like floating in a sea of contentment and wellbeing.

In other words, the feeling of alignment - that feeling of being tuned in - has everything to do with everything that's going on with you around it. Do you see what we're getting at?

And that's why we talk so much about step 1 - Ask. Step 2 -  Source answers. Step 3 - You allow. And now we're talking about step 4, which is the mastery of that. Getting so good at feeling alignment that you can get there really easily. And then step 5 - maybe the most important step of all - no longer be mad at yourself if you're back in step 1. [laughter]

In other words, an acceptance that that contrast is necessary for the focusing. That contrast is necessary for the feeling. That contrast is necessary for the molding of the clay.

You really do want an ability to reason. You just want to be so much more in the attitude of wellbeing than in the attitude of pessimism. You just want to lean easily into feelings of appreciation rather than feelings of criticism. You just wanna have control of the direction of your thought.

And it's our promise to you that the natural processes, the natural laws, the natural momentum of law of attraction will carry you into those stronger and stronger feelings.

So as Esther sat there, she was realizing that she was right there. And then all of a sudden a flood of insight began pouring through her. She got her computer and began writing. She's working with us on new meditations with music behind them. And one full meditation came to her in about 5 minute's time, because that's what that flow is like once you get into that state of alignment.

But people would say to Esther - even Jerry would say to Esther, when she would come off the platform - he would say, 'That was the most significant, dynamic piece of discussion I have ever heard anywhere, any time,' as he would show her his notes. And he would say, 'How did it seem to you?' And Esther said, 'It was sort of like talking about what we were going to have for lunch.'

Because Esther doesn't have that feeling of amazement, because she's not pitting it against, or applying it against anything else. You see what we're getting at?

That's the beauty of being here in your physical format. You get to feel the movement forward into the new understandings. And that's what it's all about.

You keep thinking, 'Oh, I just wanna be over there where it's all understood, and over there where it's all achieved, and over there-' And we say, 'That isn't what you want.' What you want is the understanding that it's ever-unfolding. There's never an ending to the exhilaration that you're feeling on your way to more, on your way to more, on your way to more, on your way to more.

Hotseater: "So, what I wanted to say about things is, it seems like the universe is just always sending all this flow, energy, current-"

Abraham: Nonstop.

Hotseater: "Nonstop. And my personality, let's call it that, is, like, always in a state of resistance. And, as I become more tuned to it, I let a little bit more in, and a little bit more in, and a little bit more-"

Abraham: That's a good description of almost everyone. Until, eventually, you get hooked on allowing.

You get hooked on that feeling. It's like allowing yourself to be the realizer of the beauty of that surf.

It's like willing to focus on it for just a moment and be the realizer of what that all means. Of the gift that it is to you, personally.

There's a worthiness thing that's mixed in in all of you, where you really can't, almost all the time, take in what's being offered to you.

It's like you have to practice letting the love in that's being offered to you. And you're not that good at it. [scattered laughter]

And that's why you wanna justify it through hard work. Or you want to justify it by having plenty of other people there enjoying it with you. Because, after all, this shouldn't be just for you.

There's a resistance to accepting the value, and the perfection, and the wonderfulness, and the importance, and the value that is you.

You are out here on this leading edge as the new decider of where the energy will flow. And once you come to a conclusion - even a cellular conclusion - do you understand the adaptive nature of your being? Do you have any sense of the longevity of your species? And the adaptive nature of your being? And the understanding of source? And the readiness of source to express to you whatever is necessary for the balance that you are seeking?

But if you sit in that resistant place of not liking yourself, or not letting in because you're mad at somebody else, or not letting the new in because you're so fixated on what's already here…

Ooo. It's so delicious. Once you catch the vision of this… Once you get it, that you are a creator. And once you get it, that you're vibration. And once you get it, that what you want matters. And once that desire occurs to you, and you feel it, and you know for sure - 'Oh, now I felt it. It's a done deal.' It was a done deal before you felt it, but you didn't know as much. 'Now I felt it. It's a done deal. Now it's my job to relax and witness the unfolding.'

Not the grinding it into place. Not the hammering it into place. Not the making it happen. Not the efforting it. Not the justifying it or defending it. Not the tongue hanging out, working all day, all day, all day.

The witnessing of the universe's ability to orchestrate and organize circumstances and events for the benefit of you, you worthy being. But you gotta talk yourself into that worthiness. That's where most of the work lies. Because you have, for the most part, accepted the… We're looking for a kind word.

You've been accepting what others, in their defensive nature, have been assigning to you, you see.

And so, it's only someone who's tuned in, tapped in, turned on who can feel about you the way source really feels about you. And so, you just wanna stop looking for love in all the wrong places, and look for it where it really is. Look for it where it is.

Workshop in San Rafael, Cal., January 30, 2016

*Resistance means feeling Singular instead of Plural* Abraham

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26. Receptive Mode Advice

Hotseater: "Can I ask you one more question?"

Abraham: Yes. Yea.

Hotseater: "Because I've been working on my energy. Like Esther, you said, was in the van, and sometimes I get that feeling now where I feel I'm more balanced. So I'm just wondering… Am I feeling more balanced?"

Abraham: You are. You are.

Hotseater: "Oh, thank God."

Hotseater: "Because I was worried I was not doing enough, or ..."

Abraham: The fact that you're working on it makes us want to encourage you to relax a little bit in it.

Hotseater: "Yes."

Abraham: But here's a good question that you could use to focus yourself into some interesting and satisfying conversations. Say to yourself, or say to your inner being, 'I believe I'm in the receiving mode, and I'm listening.' 'I believe I'm in the receiving mode, and I'm listening.'

And then don't be demanding of it coming immediately. Just, 'I believe I'm in the receiving mode, and I'm listening.' Because, you know, the first translation that any of you begin to translate once you're in the receiving mode is an emotional translation.

In other words, it's that feeling. It's the feeling of alignment. It's the feeling of connection. The words are gonna come later. The words are further down the manifesting trail. But the fact that you're in the receiving mode, and you're feeling good, and you're feeling that satisfaction-

So then just focus lightly - ever so slightly, because you don't wanna get your thoughts in the way of anything. Like, 'Why is it not coming?' Or, 'Why can't I hear?' And just say softly, 'I'm in the receiving mode. I know I am. Can't feel this good and not be in the receiving mode. I know I'm in the receiving mode, so I'm just gonna listen.'

Hotseater: "Things always work out for me."

Abraham: And just let that be something that's on your mind all the time.

You know when you're most in the receiving mode? When you're driving. When you're driving, and not in concentrated traffic, but when you're driving. When the road feels open, and you're sort of settled back in, and you know it's gonna take so much time to get from one place to the other and you just sort of settle in. There's not really anything else. That, often, is very conducive to being in the receiving mode.

When you're in meditation. That is conducive to the receiving mode. Right after meditation. That's conducive to the receiving mode. When you first awaken in the morning. That is so much the receptive mode. When you first wake up, just lie there for a minute. Don't hit the ground running. Just lie there for a minute and bask, and acknowledge that you are enjoying your bed and allow yourself to rest in the receiving mode just a little bit, and see what thoughts begin to come.

And, what's interesting, is the thought may not be a mathematical equation that's going to solve world problems. In fact, we're pretty confident in telling you it's not going to be that. The thought may be…moving to a part of the house, and you don't even know why. Just to rendezvous with the bird that's sitting there on the windowsill waiting for you. Or it might be deciding to eat something, or call someone, or any number of things. But whatever the thought is ...

When you feel pretty sure that you're in the receiving mode, and you get an impulse, it's our powerful encouragement to you to follow through with that impulse. Because that's the way you show yourself that you were in the receiving mode. That's the way you let yourself know that your guidance was giving you an idea about something for this reason, and this reason, and this reason.

So, these impulses can not just be a flash in the morning. They can just keep coming, and keep coming, and keep coming. Are you ever at your desk and you have that feeling that you're thirsty, but you put it off for a minute because there's something else that you're right in the middle of? Get up and go wherever it is that you go to get your water and see what that message really was.

Because your inner being is guiding you through the path of least resistance. And so, often it will give you an impulse about something. Just getting up and stretching your body. You think it's just to stretch your body. Sometimes it gives you a better vantage point of what's around.

Also, we could write a thousand books, in a thousand days, describing to you all of the details of what your inner being is guiding you to and through and over and around in order to help you find, not that end result, but that happy trail always on your way to another end result. And do you notice how your nervousness has dissipated completely? It went completely away? As you just listened, and focused, and really got in the receptive mode?

Hotseater: "Yes."

Abraham: And do you know that you heard every single thing that we've said here? That it all resonates? That's how you know you're in the receptive mode. There's a resonating feeling. It clicks with you. You know the value of it, you see.

And you don't need to be sitting here, under interesting circumstances, in a sort of spotlight, in order to be in the receptive mode. You're in the receptive mode on a really regular basis. You just have to trust that you are and follow through with it to find out the results of what you were in the receptive mode about.

How else you gonna know? How else you gonna come to trust? 'Oh, I had that feeling, and that feeling led to this. And I had that feeling, and the feeling led to this.'

Esther had an impulse to call someone at the office yesterday. And, as she called, she could feel a - it's often present with this person, but a real openness. A softness. A receiving mode-ness. They were both feeling it. Esther was in the van at the beach when she received the impulse to call. And his opening words to her were, 'You got time for a really cool story?' And Esther said, 'Yes. I do.' And he said, 'There's a skunk on the property.' Esther said, 'I know. That skunk woke me up in the night. I didn't know smell could wake you up.'

And he said, 'Well, the skunk was around, and now it isn't, but it was and now it's not. But it's having been there lingers.' 'So,' he said, 'So I opened my doors. The back door and the front door of my office to the outside. And I was just sitting there, and a red cardinal hopped right into the office. Hopped right in on the floor.' And he said, 'I know it's my mom. I know it's mom. I know it's mom.' He said, 'And then I lost it.' Meaning, he felt the fullness of the love of his mother right there in that moment. Right there in that moment.

So, we're giving this to you because we want you to notice the extra bird activity that is on its way to you. And we want you to notice that it is as a result, every time, of your receptive mode. Those messages come because you're in the receptive mode.

And then, the tendency is to go right out of the receptive mode because it reminds you of something that you have a practiced thought about that keeps you out of the receptive mode.

Did you follow the sequence of what we were talking about? You're in the receptive mode frequently. And you get the idea. In fact, usually when you're in the receptive mode a desire, which has been revealing itself to you steadily, is received by you. Or realized by you.

Receptive mode. Bam!

Then, almost immediately, the next thing you do is think about that desire and how it hasn't come about. And you take yourself right out of the receptive mode. In the same way that someone could get a message from a dearly departed loved one, because they're in the receptive mode, and then because they remember that they're departed then they leave the receptive mode. Did you follow the correlation in all of that?

Hotseater: "Mhmm."

Abraham: This receptive mode is something that we want you to notice when it happens, and we want you to notice that you can keep it going. Because the momentum of the receptive mode is what you're all asking for. That momentum in the receptive mode is that sweet spot that you're all asking for. And that's when you're riding high. That's when you're flying high. That's when ideas are coming. That's when people are attracted to you.

That's what you came for. Nothing else will do. Nothing else will do for you. Nothing else is even close to what you intended when you decided to come forth into these physical bodies.

You said, 'I'll sift and sort through contrast, and I'll launch rockets,' but you said that knowing that it would be very quick, and it wouldn't be something that would consume you. You never expected to be stuck in step 1.

You knew that step 1 would happen, and that it would launch rockets of desire, and that source would take it from there, and that this vortex would bubble up into something that you could, if you were in the right frame of mind, receive.

So life really begins … Conscious creation ...

Oh, we've not said this before. You are asking for it.

So, there's creation. Which just happens. People are creating by default all over the place, because they don't know what they're doing. Conscious, deliberate creation begins with step 3, the receptive mode. Because step 1 doesn't have to be conscious. And step 2 is your source energy consciousness.

But the receptive mode is your really first step, only step, only important step. Getting into the receptive mode is all that matters in order for everything to then progress in the way that you've intended it.

Hotseater: "Ooo."

Abraham: We are enjoying watching you all. We are enjoying watching the transformation of your awareness as you are moving forward from this place. We are enjoying the awareness that you're in the receptive mode, and the self-appreciation. Self-appreciation is a good thing. It leads to all in all out worthiness.

If you'll practice a little bit of self-appreciation here, and here, and here, and here, and here, because you know it you will be expectant of good things coming to you. And as you move through traffic and people yield to you, and people nod at you, and people make way for you, and people play with you, as you move through your day and people are kind to you, and people are helpful to you, and people are receptive of you, and people are co-creating with you, your sense of right place, right time, with underpinning of absolute worthiness - that's who you are. That's the way you're supposed to live. Not defensively. Not justifying-ly. Just absorbing the wellbeing that is flowing on your behalf to you all day every day.

This has been a good conversation, because it's helping you to lower those barricades and let more of that wellbeing into your personal experience. It's such a nice thing when you decide to love yourself enough to let the love that's projected to you all day long reach you.

But it doesn't matter how much source, or anyone, loves you. If you don't let it in, it's like it never happened. If the tree falls in the forest, and there's no one there with ears to translate the vibration of it into sound, did it make a sound? No. You get into the receptive mode so that you can receive it, you see.

Source can't love you enough to penetrate your wall of un-lovability. In fact, the more you don't let it in, and the more source loves you, the more you don't let it in and the more source loves you. It's time for you to sort of give up the justification, and give up all those stories that somebody who was in a really disconnected place told you about how mad God will be at you if you don't accept his love. It's not like that at all, is it?

Hotseater: "Yup."

Abraham: Enough?

Hotseater: "I'm happy."

Abraham: Yes. Yes.

Workshop in San Rafael, Cal., January 30, 2016

*Resistance means feeling Singular instead of Plural* Abraham

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27. Something Most Misunderstand

Hotseater: "I'm gonna try to think of a way to frame this question so that it's representative of what I'm trying to obtain through my query. And I mean no disrespect to this gathering. I've gained a lot of insights from listening to the teachings from Abraham, and other teachings, and I'm very appreciative for this flow that's present in this room. And I hear what you're saying, and I'm appreciating it, but some level of me thinks that there's a deeper level to this conversation, about existence, about life, about what happens after we transition, about the energy than typically takes place during these conversations which I have heard either through audios or videos.

This is my first time being physically present during one of these gatherings. And I don't know if that's a confusion on my part or if there's something which I'm not seeing in these messages, but something tells me that there's a deeper place than we get at during some of the conversations that you've been having, and I was just wondering if there would be some way that you could speak to that."

Abraham: Well there is a deeper place, but it's a vibrational, sort of unspeakable place. Sort of like the feeling of love is really deeper and, by your perspective in this conversation, more meaningful than words of love, which fall short of the vibration.

So, one of the things that happens as we begin to interface with all of you, initially what most of you want to talk about is 'How can I get my life going better? How can I accomplish more of this, and more of this, and more of this?'

So then, we go to those deeper levels by explaining to you that you're more than you see, and that there is another part of you who is aware and interested. Who exists in nonphysical and who is ongoing, even while you're here in this physical body.

And then, through a series of conversations, and books, and over a period of time we help you to understand that the relationship between these two perspectives is really important to your being deliberate in what you're going about here.

So, we have some deep conversations as we attempt to bring you into an awareness of the vibrational nature of your being. We talk about meditation, because we want you to quiet your mind. Because we want you to stop this chatter so that your vibration will raise. Because, until your vibration raises, you can't really feel that love, and clarity, and certainty, and knowing that is there for you. You are a continuation of that.

And so, we like all of those conversations, and we like many of you rising to that. And we notice that sometimes you get there but you don't often stay, and so we teach you some of the things that you might do to stay there more often because, you're right, that's who you are. That's what you meant to be.

But then, the fuller picture that we really want you to understand - and it's the one that almost everybody misses in some way. And it's really the conversation about spiritual versus material. It's the conversation about source versus the humanness. Because it's the wholeness that really, the deepness that you're reaching for is all about.

There's a really big reason that you all have come into these physical bodies. And it's not to prove worthiness. It's not to fix a broken world. It's for the joy of being focused, and for the thrill of seeing what comes from focused experience. It's that ongoing becoming.

And so, the thing that a lot of people misunderstand is that this leading edge, this time-space reality, this physicality that is you, it is the leading edge and it is where all of this meaningful stuff that you're reaching for is focused. So we don't have to go back into the meaning. We come forward into the meaning.

You see, that which man wants to call God, or what we're calling source, what we're calling this collective consciousness, this infinite intelligence, this lover of life is forward with all of you. And so, there really is nothing deeper or more meaningful than life showing you that you want something, you mastering alignment with who you are, and then bringing the whole of you forward to experience this leading edge experience, you see.

There's nothing that thrills us more than to have a leading edge conversation. Not bringing you along to something that you don't know, but all of us going to a place we've never been before. And we can't go to these new, deep, important, meaningful places without being on the leading edge where all the juice is, you see.

It's not back there where source is. Source is there, and stable, and flowing forward with you. And so, that's why you keep coming forward. There is this triad of intentions, of freedom, and growth, and joy, and they are equal in their importance and in their value.

And so we say 'Triad of intentions. Freedom, and growth, and joy.' You're so free you can choose bondage. And the expansion is inevitable. But if you will let what you're reaching for be the joy of the balance of all of that…

So we say, 'Freedom, and growth, and joy.' And you say, 'We hear you Abraham. Growth, growth, growth. Meaning, meaning, meaning. Something important.' And we say, 'It's the joy that you are reaching for.'

The deepest that you can be, the deepest part of our message or of anything that is, is when you can stand in practiced absence of resistance, where your cork is floating and you are in vibrational sync with who you really are. And then you are proceeding on your day to day experience, riding that stream of clarity, and good timing, and connection. Being the answer to the question that someone is asking, and being the question to the answer that someone is ready to give. This deliberate, delicious, never-ending unfolding of eternal life that we are all about, you see.

Hotseater: "So this then speaks to the true union that one would have with each other, and with our source energy and our vibration. When one really gets into that spice… I mean, I know we have to come to it through our trials, and our wantings, and our rockets, and what-have-you, but at some point we come to that true state of deep bliss and union."

Abraham: That's that mastery that we're wanting to talk with you about and, you see, everyone finds it.

Step 1 causes you to create it, but most don't line up with it until they have their death experience - there is no death, but their transition experience. But you don't have to wait 'til then. You can master alignment. You can find more often love than hate. You can find clarity more than confusion. You can practice the vibrations until you've got that momentum going. And you can be in this physical body - it's what you intended to do - with that source flowing through you, with all of us reveling in the expansion that we're all about. That is the true meaning of life.

You said, 'I'll go, and I'll figure stuff out that I desire, from my personal perspective, and I know that my broader perspective will find that first, and then I will line up with that by releasing resistance, and the whole of me will move forward in this expansive experience.' Because you are source energy wanting to live it here. That's the deepest, most meaningful statement that we can make to you.

You're not here practicing so that you can croak and then live it. That's all coming forward with you.
You're practicing it so that you can live it now. You're not waiting for alignment once you die. You're not waiting for your blessings once you die. You're living them now, through the power of your alignment with what you know to be good, you see.

Workshop in Houston, Texas, March 19, 2016

*Resistance means feeling Singular instead of Plural* Abraham

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